We have no connection with the following web sites, but have found them to provide useful tools for designers.

Link L/C Meter IIB and Filter Design program
L/C Meter is a portable instrument for measuring (1% typ) L and C components for RF circuits.
The filter design program has loads of features and is free.

Link Tonne Software - impressive collection of programs for RF experimenters.

Link oh8ro - rf design programs in DOS.

Link g4fgq - many design programs.

Link HamCalc - amateur radio programs in DOS.

Link arrl/qex - lots of download information for rf experimenters.

Link wk0o - rod antenna calculation.

Link micrometals - programs for rf and power conversion using MicroMetals cores.

Link EMCfilt3.zip - useful demo emc filter (low pass) design program.

Link - if you do not have the reader get the large download from Adobe, but it is generally included on cd's attached to pc magazines.

updated 02/07/10