Australian Amateur Radio


Yaesu FT-One

General Coverage, All Mode, Solid State Transceiver

Yaesu's Flagship of the 1980's

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FT -One front panel Front panel - Left Front panel - Right
Rear panel Rear panel - left Rear panel - Right
Left side - Has a carry handle included Right side - with feet for side mounting Underneath - with extended feet on the front
Top cover   Underneath view showing battery holder access for (optional) RAM memory unit Internal top view
  Internal top view - showing instruction panel Close-up of instruction panel Close-up of internal boards - AF unit has been elevated slightly by releasing plastic clips on each side and then lifting.  This is required to fit optional filters.
Another view of internal boards Another view of internal boards Another view of internal boards
Linear PSU.  Later models primarily had Switch Mode PSU's PSU area   Internal - left side
Internal Keyer Unit and instructions shown Close-up of Keyer Unit - Installed Optional Filters - Instructions shown along with AF board showing all available filters installed
Close up of AF board with all optional filters installed FM Unit instructions and FM board shown Close-up of FM board
FT-One Extender Boards -  Absolutely essential to be able to fully align these radios!    

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Yahoo FT-One User Group FT-One User Manual  (2.6mb PDF) FT-One Technical Manual  (23.8mb PDF)

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