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Listed here is a selection of software that I have used and found useful. If you know of a newer version of any of this software (or something you would like to see here) then please let me know where to obtain it.  All software listed on this page is located on this server - so no more broken links while looking for software! :-) I am always on the lookout for new software, so check back regularly!

Confused about the number of kilobytes in a megabyte, or vice-versa? Try the converter below:


File Name Description (1295kb)  WB8RCR's Qsl making program v2.4
sunzip.exe (918kb) SunClock 5 Screensaver displaying world times & grey line etc. - an old favourite!
SunZip65.exe (11.75mb) SunClock 6.5 Updated screensaver displaying world times & grey line etc.- now the map even changes with the seasons! Cool! (30 day full version demo - then defaults to freeware version) (734kb) Great Circle Map making program (V2.3a) by SM3GSJ -
New Alpha version 3.05 available

Complete program with all data files. (vbrun300.dll not included) Version 2.3 Updated with the new country.pnt by Norbert Schall!

(See Also: Prefix Software - by Hans Jacobi, DJ7BA. This freeware program for DXers will analyse almost any prefix or call and display the Antenna direction and distance graphically on a gcmwin great circle map around your own qth.)


Digital / CW
File Name Description
sm416.exe (194kb) Super Morse - CW trainer for the Morse impaired Cool!
 RufzXP.exe (2.7mb)  Tancredi.  An advanced CW trainer/driller. Get that callsign recognition speed up fast! Very Cool!
 digipan20.exe (652kb) PSK31 Windows based program (V2.0). This one you just have to try!! Very Cool! 

Antennas / Homebrew etc
File Name Description (382kb) Weather satellite Quadrifilar Helix spec's & pictures (1386k)  Design for dish antenna's by VK2YGZ (Win95/98) (229kb) Quickyagi V4. Yagi design program (1387kb) Class B design is a quick way to get parameters for the plate voltage and plate current for a pair of output valves. by VK2YGZ (Win95/98) (1530kb)  Experimental antenna program by VK2YGZ (Win95/98) (1476kb)  A program to assist in designing Coils to cover a given band by VK2YGZ (Win95/98) (1415kb)  A program to assist in designing Power Transformers and Chokes by VK2YGZ (Win95/98) (366kb) Antenna calculator for DL6WU yagis   As well as calculating the dimensions it also calculates balun details, antenna stacking spacing, SWR from power/voltage readings, analyses an existing antenna in cooperation with Yagi Optimiser (available elsewhere), estimates gain for existing antennas etc. courtesy of John VK5DJ (8kb)

A program to assist in checking your EMR Compliance, and to produce your required EMR Compliance worksheets to attach for your VK 1kW license upgrade permits. Meets the compliance obligations for VK, ZL and the USA - by David Burger VK2CZ 

Ferrite (42kb) An Excel program, written by Ron VK2WB, which allows you to design any transformer for use between 1 and 50 MHz using commonly available ferrite toroidal cores.  The program will design transformers (such as baluns) running any power up to 1kW.
Now updated to a newer version FT_calc_1.2.xls.  Also now includes an additional balun program Balun_cmr_1.1.xls, which takes into account the common-mode rejection ratio of a "current balun". Finally another addition is a table (PVI_table.pdf) which relates RF power transformer ratios with voltage, current on/in windings -- it is intended to give guidance on insulation requirements 

File Name Description (515kb) JVFAX7.1 Excellent SSTV program( including all documentation, patched version)

File Name Description (889kb) Packet software for DOS
wpsfx680.exe (2.12Mb) WinPack V6.8 (Full) G4IDE's WinPack packet radio software for Windows


Contest/Logging Software
File Name Description (2.53mb) Logger (Version 8.07) Excellent FREE logging program (23.5mb) NEW Logger32 - (3.22 Full Version) Windows version of the above Logger program (420kb) Quick Score reads a CT Version 9 contest.bin file, and prepares the scoring, analysis, and log reports for the following contests:                                                                         VK/ZL Oceania DX Contest
Japan International DX Contest (DX side)
Commonwealth Contest
Remembrance Day contest 
John Moyle Field Day (Field Station) 
John Moyle Field Day (Home Station) (117kb) Converts between contest file formats - A MUST have! Version 1.73b
An updated / licenced version is available from KA5WSS (1469kb) Convert logs to ADIF format for importing into various logging programs. by KH2D - Excellent 

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