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Paul, VK2YVG, atop the 100' ft tower repairing a damaged antenna on VK2RBH 2m Repeater.



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Inside views of VK2RBH enclosure showing modified FM828 (top right corner) Cavities for TX/RX on the left.   VK2RBH-2 Digipeater (bottom left) with Tiny2 bolted on back of standard 828.


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Inside view of VK2RBH repeater itself, showing seperated sections of the modified FM828


enlcosure.jpg (110078 bytes) 108kb Randall VK2EFA and Brian VK2DPG (right) in front of enclosure for repeater.
famous5.JPG (114996 bytes)113kb Six local hams in one spot (very rare!) warrants a photo! L toR: VK2DPG, VK2MUG (Peter), VK2EFA, VK2SRN (Steve) and VK2YVG (VK2CA taking the photo). remote.JPG (97922 bytes) 96kb What do you mean "remote"?  VK2SRN, VK2VYG and a guest appearance from Ian VK2YGZ
cook.JPG (100067 bytes) 98kb Special guest appearance by VK2HRE (Robin).....brought his bucket and spade to play in the sand maybe?? SOLARUP.JPG (150230 bytes) Extra solar panels (aka. Pigeon poop collectors)being installed VK2YVG up top, VK2EFA standing on "my box!"  and VK2SRN around the back
RUSSELL.JPG (147916 bytes) Steve VK2SRN, sometimes known as "Russell" :-) PAULWORK.JPG (178358 bytes) Paul VK2YVG just cutting of the "small extra bit" he allowed just in case! Steve in the background (again?) and VK2CA being ever helpfull.
HILL2.JPG (164152 bytes) Tribander up and operating and multiband dipole at 50' on the tower for the "other" bands BESTPERS.JPG (117281 bytes) I have my "best person" on the job!  VK2SRN soldering on some connectors
VK2CA.JPG (263139 bytes) VK2CA  I said "NO PICTURES!!"  and they don't listen to anything else I say either! TRIBAND.JPG (147454 bytes) Tribander with a view!
MEHIDE.JPG (146348 bytes) .....didn't I just say " NO PICTURES!" ?? LED.JPG (104589 bytes) The dreaded "LED"!
VK2CA's farewell......(finally got 8 of 'em in a picture together) Thanks guys!....... ...........the door's this way :-)
Beacon antennas at VK2RBH site Beacon antennas - closeup


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