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Purpose of the Australian Amateur Radio Net Ring:

To create a way of accessing Australian Amateur Radio related pages on the Web without everyone having to list everyone that they know of on there own pages.  This will ensure that everyone IS linked to everyone else....but without the hassle of  "re-inventing the wheel".  It will also ensure that everyone has the BEST list of links available on their own page at all times.

About the Australian Amateur Radio Net Ring:

This Net Ring is managed by   and is exclusively for Australian Amateur Radio related sites.  By listing your site here you can be sure that if someone is looking for Australian content that they will find it.  Admission is open to all VK# operators that have created a page that is primarily about Ham radio related information.  All sites will be inspected for suitability before inclusion and any site containing either unsuitable, illegal or "objectionable" content will not be listed (Sorry...Have to do that!)

Joining the A.A.R. Net Ring:

Please click on the link below. Do not forget your password (so pick an easy to remember one!)  After submission you will be emailed the HTML code that you need to add to your page that you are submitting.  If you do not receive the code via Email PLEASE let me know. All you have to do is copy the HTML code from the email & paste it into the place on your page that you want the A.A.R. Ring to appear.  That's it!!  Well almost.  I will check out your site & if OK it will be added to the A.A.R. ring as soon as possible. 

NOTE:   You must have the Net Ring (HTML code) link on your page before you can be added to the listing!

You can email back to that you have completed this so I can check that all the coding etc works before I add your page to the ring.  But I will check back to see if this is done anyway.....but it might make it a bit quicker if you email me :-)

All things being equal you should, after inserting the HTML code into your page,  have a link graphic similar to the one at the bottom of this page :-)

Any problems please email me stating the nature (exactly!) of your problem.

Hint: Make sure you preview your page in your it can sometimes look a little strange in your Page creation program......but should be OK in your browser!

NOTE:  Please keep me informed if you move your homepage as the Ring link can be changed without having to submit again.

Submit your site to Australian Amateur Radio Net Ring

Example of Net Ring graphic needed to be inserted in your homepage - this will be emailed to you. You may modify the colours etc to suit your site as long as the links are left "as is" (otherwise the ring will not work).

This RingSurf Australian Amateur Radio Net Ring
owned by ***SITE OWNER***.

The BEST way to tour Australian Ham sites. Want to join the Australian Amateur Radio Ring?

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Editing your site details     (Members Only)

You can edit your own site details once you have been added to the Ring.  Maybe you want to change the description or even the title of your page.....well you can!

Use the boxes below or follow this link to the Net Ring Management page and fill in the "For Ring Members" details

Member Login
Site ID:

Ring ID    =    OzHam

Site ID     =    "your site ID"

Password =   "your site password"

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