Radio Manuals and Diagrams 

This is a list of radio manuals and assorted instructions that can be downloaded for free here.  You will need to complete a simple Registration before being able to access the files.

If you have any information that is not on the list please consider emailing this to me to add to the list for everyone to use. Thank you.

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27MHz CB - Radio Manuals and Diagrams for PLL 02a and D858 chassis CB radios
Cybernet Service Information (PLL 02A) Service and Alignment,Parts Layout and List, and Schematic Diagram to suit the following Cybernet radios:  Philips SSB2001; Super Panther Mark I and Mark II; Super Bengal Base; Apollo Mark I, Phantom Communicator; Karinna KSB-18; HMV Road Hound; Expo Bushranger; Dick Smith Hornet Mark I; Dick Smith Scorpian Base; American Electronics; Signet; Electrophone (certain models); General Electric A model; Tedelex Base and Mobile; Kraco KCB-1301
Super Bengal Base Station Operation, Maintenance and Servicing Manual
Unimetrics Stingray-11 (also Hygain V & VIII) Operation and Alignment Manual, Schematic and Parts Layout
Karinna Model KSB-18  Operation, Parts List and Schematic Manual
American Electronics Model 76-577 Operation and Schematic Diagram Manual
Colt 45  Operation, Alignment1, Alignment2,  Parts Layout and Schematic Diagram
Hornet D1720 Operation, Parts Layout and Schematic Manual
President Washington (D858) Service Manual and Diagrams suits Presidents pre '79, Alignment Procedure
President McKinley Diagram
Courier Gladiator Schematic & PLL Schematic and Parts List
Super Cougar Diagram
Realistic TRC-450 Diagram
Ferris 5000 and 5500 Parts List and Schematic
General Electric A3-5825B Service Manual, Alignment Points, Channel Frequency & Truth Table Charts, Trouble Shooting Chart, LED & Switch Boards, RF Board Layout, IF Board Layout, Cabinet Exploded View, Parts List, Switch Connection Diagram, Block Diagram, Schematic Diagram
Royce (Gyro Lock Synthesiser) Model 1-632 Service Manual and Diagrams
Super Lion and Tomcat Service Manual,Schematic and Diagrams
Hy-Gain HyRange V (Model 674B) Instruction Manual
Apollo UHF  AP400R - Operation Manual,  AP400 - Operation Manual
Amateur (Ham)  
Miscellaneous Information  
Tait T-500 Tait T-500  commercial two way radio   mod info for hams - Diode Matrix Sheets
Emotator 103LBX - 502CXX Rotator circuit diagram and Manual
Emotator 102MX 103MX Manual - schematic, parts and exploded views (in Japanese)
Com-An-Tena 40m 2 Element Beam PDF Diagram with reference info/dimensions.  Link to pics of a beam in the air
Various ETI, Silicon Chip, Altronics, Jaycar and EA kit info also available - just ask - you never know :-)

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Many thanks to all who have contributed.  All greatly appreciated.

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