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Over 16 years is a long time in Amateur radio but in net time it is a couple of eternities and sometimes if feels like it. A huge thank you to all who have encouraged and supported me over the years. Special thanks to Steve VK2SRN for the many, many hours of development help from the very beginning - which continues to this day.  A big thankyou also to Peter Vernon VK2US for the hosting of the VK Classifieds section until 2011 as the traffic this generated (and still does) was enormous and would have, without major changes, brought down VKHam. 

The first iteration of what was to become VKHam.com received 3 "hits" to its homepage on 14/4/1997 and two of them were me (I suspect that the third was Steve but he wouldn't say J ).  Now it averages around the 500+ per day mark and so far well over 1 milion total hits to the homepage.  VK Classifieds, which started just over a year later was by far the busiest section of VKHam, until it was relocated to its own domain, with over 2.2 million visits just to the homepage during that time!  All of this equates currently to around 40-50gb of traffic per month!!

I started the site with the goal of providing useful content to VK's amateur radio operators on a site that was not bogged down with fancy stuff but was as fast as I could make it.  This meant being very sparing on the pretty stuff but I believe it all contributed to a site that did what I wanted - delivered useful content in an efficient way.  This is still my aim today but with increases in bandwidth and the constant march of technology I thought it was time to update.  I hope this change to a CMS such as Joomla it will enable a richer method of displaying information and allow the use of other up to date technologies.  If you see something that could be made better or better still you know how to do it....that would be great as any and all help will be greatly appreciated.  If you would like to moderate an existing section or even a new one please let me know as I am open to all ideas.

Again thankyou to all my supporters over the years.  To my detractors - IM STILL HERE J